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Roadtrip time!

Yeeeeeyy! We are back on the road, on a 4000 km roadtrip through Uruguay and Argentina.
We write now from Punta del Este, in our 4th adventure day, we have gone camping thrice and stayed at a hostel along these days. Heading now to another hostel!

GOPR4779.JPGPause for fartingG0014813.JPGHangoverGOPR4946.JPGWatching a dead sealGOPR4972.JPGEddie loves sleeping and drivingGOPR4873.JPG5 days desert walking feeling


Cheers \o/

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Australia, Australia…

Our journey began in November 2013 and for a moment; the world seemed to be small. The travel took us 34 hours flying to Australia, however, the excitement did not exhaust us and in a snap we were in the other side of the world. Emerging in a completely different system and life style was a quite big challenge and at the same time, amazing! We have lived with an Australian family, learning their everyday costumes and way of thinking; shared a house with worldwide people, learning more about the world than Australia itself; studied with native English speaking teachers and classmates from every part of the world, struggling with all the different accents; Worked and experienced the professional patterns from a well-developed country. Visited unique and breathtaking Australian places and the most important of all, we have made lots of friends. We are now back in Brazil, but not the same. Our hearts belong to the world now. For new lands now we yearn and the essential role of this all, is the possibility to communicate. Knowing new people, cultures and places is for sure one of the great joys of life.


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Shark Catch-and-Kill

Today’s post is not exactly beautiful or funny.
After another fatal attack by sharks, WA’s premier Colin Barnett announced the controversial plan to catch and kill Great white, Bull and Tiger sharks over three metres length. 72 Drum lines have been installed on the beaches and a few sharks have been killed so far.

Mr Barnett said he got “no pleasure out of seeing sharks killed” and it was necessary to fulfil his “overriding responsibility” to protect West Australians.


On the other hand, activists replied “Sharks are more important than human recreation!”, “Let’s listen to science and end the slaughter”. Every Australian that I had the chance to talk about it, discribed government’s attitude as shameful, contradictory and irrational.

A Hawaiian researcher labelled WA’s use of drum lines as a way to “make people feel better and so politicians can say they are doing something about the problem”. “We’ve had eight attacks in one year in Hawaii, but it isn’t the sharks’ fault. They’re not hunting humans”. Hawaii is funding a two-year study using satellite tags to track tiger sharks.

Last weekends, thousands of people met at the beaches to protest against the catch-and-kill policy!

O Post de hoje não é exatamente bonito ou engraçado.
Depois de mais um ataque fatal de tubarão, o Primeiro ministro do estado de WA, Colin Barnett, anunciou um plano controverso de captura-e-abate de tubarões Branco, Touro e Tigre acima de três metros de comprimento. 72 Armadilhas foram instaladas nas praias e alguns tubarões foram mortos até o momento.

Barnett declarou que ver tubarões sendo mortos não é prazeroso e era necessário para cumprir sua responsabilidade em proteger os cidadãos australianos.

Por outro lado, ativistas responderam com “Tubarões são mais importantes do que atividades recreativas humanas.”, “Vamos ouvir a ciência e por um fim a matança.” Todos os Australianos que tive a chance de conversar sobre o assunto, descreveram a atitude do governo como vergonhosa, contraditória e irracional.

Um pesquisador Havaiano rotulou o uso das armadilhas em WA como uma maneira “de fazer as pessoas se sentirem melhores então políticos podem falar que estão fazendo alguma coisa em relação ao problema”. “Nós tivemos oito ataques em um ano no Havaí, mas isto não é culpa dos tubarões. Eles não estão caçando humanos”. O Havaí está financiando um estudo de dois anos usando etiquetas monitoradas por satélites para localizar tubarões tigre.

Nos ultimos finais de semana, milhares de pessoas se encontraram em praias em protesto contra a política captura-e-abate.