Australia, Australia…

Our journey began in November 2013 and for a moment; the world seemed to be small. The travel took us 34 hours flying to Australia, however, the excitement did not exhaust us and in a snap we were in the other side of the world. Emerging in a completely different system and life style was a quite big challenge and at the same time, amazing! We have lived with an Australian family, learning their everyday costumes and way of thinking; shared a house with worldwide people, learning more about the world than Australia itself; studied with native English speaking teachers and classmates from every part of the world, struggling with all the different accents; Worked and experienced the professional patterns from a well-developed country. Visited unique and breathtaking Australian places and the most important of all, we have made lots of friends. We are now back in Brazil, but not the same. Our hearts belong to the world now. For new lands now we yearn and the essential role of this all, is the possibility to communicate. Knowing new people, cultures and places is for sure one of the great joys of life.


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